***Remember: Treat others members with respect, even if you happen to disagree with them.***

When contributing to this site:

1. Consider the mission of the group. Our mission is to promote enthusiasm for space and generate positive public interest. Try not to be negative, and please do not slam any person, company, or agency. Post items that you would want your mother, father, or children to see.

2. Refrain from getting political. Please deal with partisan issues on your personal blog.

3. If you obtain information from another source, even if you slightly rephrase it, please give credit to the source. Link back to the original source whenever possible.

4. If you use images in your post that are not your own, please do not link directly to the image- this eats up the bandwidth of the site you got it from. Instead, copy the photo to your computer and then upload it to your hosted webspace or this blog. Also please provide a link back to the source of the image and give credit where it is due.

5. Give your post a unique, descriptive, interesting title. Your posts are original and you should want readers to be attracted to your topic.

6. Use categories and tags. Select an appropriate category for your post and add relevant tags that will help someone find it through a search.

7. Leave comments!!!!! Let’s support the mission to promote space flight awareness in a positive and enjoyable manner for everyone!

8. Please remember that what you post may exist in cyberspace for a long time even if it is deleted. Please be judicious in disclosing personal details. Protect your privacy!

9. Do not post obscenities or photos containing nudity or pornography (or links to sites displaying them). While this site is not geared toward children, we want it to be safe for them.

10. No spam! Do not include spammy links in your post, however well you disguise them. If you are caught spamming, you will lose the ability to post on this site.

11. You are welcome to cross post the same posts you have published on your own blog and link back to the original. We ask that you include the entire post on the Space Tweep Society site rather than posting a “teaser” and directing traffic back to your own site.

12. Please don’t do anything else that forces me to write more rules here. Twelve is enough!

***Please see our style guide for tips on creating a great post that requires no editing.***