Want to make things easier for the editors and get your posts approved and published right away, or even featured on the panel at the top of the page? Follow this style guide to ensure that the least amount of editing is needed and to improve your post’s chances of being featured.

Write posts of sufficient length

If your post is so short that it could fit in a tweet, consider just tweeting instead. We’re really looking for posts with a little more substance here, though occasional posts that are primarily an image with a short explanation are okay too. Use common sense.

Use paragraphs wisely

When writing a post, it is always best to divide up the post into logical paragraphs. Without paragraphs with space between them, the text appears as one big blob and is more difficult to read. That being said, too much white space is not good either. Every sentence should not be it’s own paragraph. A paragraph should generally consist of a few sentences.

Format links nicely

2. When including links in a post, rather than just posting the link, please use words and make them the link.

Instead of:  “Information about the Spacetweetup can be found at the website: http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEMW5JFTFQG_index_0.html

Please use something like this: “Information about the Spacetweetup can be found here.”

Doing this is very simple; see the how to section at the bottom of the page.

Include a photo or graphic

Include a photo or graphic. If you do not include one, editors may add a relevant image for you to make the post more interesting/attractive. If you want your post to be a featured post, consider adding an image that is 640 pixels wide by 290 pixels high. Instead of inserting it in the post, use the tool at the bottom right corner of the page that says “set featured image.” If you post it this way, it makes it very simple for editors to make your post one of the top posts in the slideshow at the top, and you have a greater chance of it being featured there.

When including videos, embed them

Videos are great, but rather than just linking to a YouTube video, it is preferable if you embed the video. This is also very simple to do. When you click on the “share” button on YouTube, you will seen an embed button. Click that and copy the code that appears in the window. In the post entry window, switch the view to HTML (top right corner of the window), paste the code in, and then switch back to the visual view if you prefer.

Be aware of punctuation

In general, when you are using quotation marks, punctuation (commas, periods, exclamation points, etc.) goes inside them. It should be  She replied, “I know.” rather than She replied, “I know”.


How to:

This section contains basic instructions on how to do some of the basic things involved in posting a great blog post.

How to add a photo or graphic:

Place the cursor at the point in your post where you want to insert an image. Click on the little rectangular icon at the top of the window where you are entering your post (circled in red below). Follow the on-screen prompts to insert your image.

You can caption your image if you like, but it is recommended not to add a caption to a photo if you are using it as a featured image.

How to add nicely formatted links:

Type the word or phrase you want to use as the link, then highlight it as shown below. Generally, you do not want to highlight any punctuation (especially quotation marks) around the word or phrase; just the letters alone.

Simply highlight the word or phrase that will be the link


While the word or phrase is highlighted, click on the button in the top bar that looks like  little chain links.

Select the button with the link on it

The following box should appear; type or paste the link into the URL field. You do not need to title it. You can choose to have the link open in a new window or not- that is up to you. Having the link open in a new window allows people to look at the link, close it, and be right back where they were without having to backtrack.

Type or paste the URL in and click Add Link


That’s it!